Campaign Profile

The BUY BACK JAMAICA campaign is based on one very simple principle. That Jamaicans who believe in building and maintaining a strong national economy coupled with national pride must come together to proactively do so. One immediate way is to join CAREIF LTD in buying as well as developing our beaches and coast line ensuring that Jamaicans will always have free unlimited use of this asset. We have immense problems related to our everyday social interaction as well as economic activities within our economy that indirectly as well as directly limit Jamaicans from accessing as well as the utilization of our national shore line. And even though laws formally allowed all Jamaicans access to use beaches openly over the last 15-20 years those laws have been largely ignored.

Complicating the aforementioned situation; the influx of foreign developers, predominately within the tourism sector, their developments have captured significant costal property which are quickly privatized. The very accessible coast line which we all at one time enjoyed is now disappearing.

To ensure that the campaign benefits every Jamaican who participates, CAREIF LTD has structured the process to financially empower every person who form this alliance and partnership between individuals and a corporate body, long into their future. This is the kind of partnership between industry and people that will positively build the economy without the dependence on the National Government. For Participants to benefit, they will become a part of the Campaign by becoming:

  1. RIC members, therefore benefiting from the income generating opportunities offered through its Group of 114K OR Achievers Union to grow their own finances. While still positively enabling the Buy Back Campaign to see success.
  2. This campaign will help to market the concept across Jamaica and elsewhere we have a strong Jamaican population, therefore having cash back to their organizations and or favorite charities. They personally benefit in that they will not have to pay cover charges to enter any of the beaches developed under the programme, a benefit all Jamaicans will enjoy.
  3. The national campaign will result in tourism based development to remain largely in the ownership of Jamaicans. This will result in profits staying here to build our economy and not repatriated to build some foreign economy. Every Jamaican benefits from a stronger economy with job creation and more resources to be spent on national growth and development. This therefore benefits all Jamaicans.
  4. Involvement in the process will build national pride. National pride will eventually lead to more investments in the Jamaican economy. There are several related benefits which will greatly lead to a stronger Jamaican economy. A stronger economy means more jobs amongst other benefits.
  5. Involvement with these CAREIF’s promotions, which are all geared to build the national economy, will help to bring an improved quality of life for all. Raising the bar on the quality of life will also be a direct indicator of an improved economy which benefits all Jamaicans financially. CAREIF has made a commitment to devote 25% of its profits to education and community out reach projects. The BUY BACK JAMAICA Campaign will make all this possible in both the long and short run.
The campaign will last until all available coastal properties are bought and dedicated under the programme to benefit the people of Jamaica.

CAREIF LTD is inviting the public sector, business as well as private individuals to participate.

Telephone: 920-7379
Fax: 929-7623.625-0008-11

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