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With our Educational Fund, we can and will change lives and perceptions for the ultimate good of humanity.


CAREIF believes in, and does have a “Corporate Responsibility Policy” for the communities it serves. There is therefore a commitment to dedicate a minimum of 25% of its net profits to community services and developments. It is our belief that to reinvest in the community by way of job creation, affordable housing and educational endowments can only advance the corporations’ prime objective. By directly supporting non-political, non-governmental socially responsible programs that help to reduce poverty and therefore wide spread crime, CAREIF should also see positive growth. This growth is desirable for the ultimate success of the Company objective of a better world for all its citizens. Success of the Company Charitable arm; the CAREIF Ed-Fund should result in increased profitability for our investors, partners, associates and affiliate organizations regardless or their business type or product line. Any positive change in the society which results in more fulfilled, wholesome individuals not limited by economic circumstances, will be beneficial to all its people, individuals and corporations in multiple ways. Prime amongst them being elimination of poverty,  elimination of crime and increased productivity within the general economy regardless of sovereignty, country region or Jurisdiction.
It is this belief that is the driving force behind CAREIF’s Global Ed-Fund initiative. By tackling the innate problems of socially demeaning events in the lives of individuals on a global scale and in tandem, it will have a greater and positive effect on international relations between nations and cultures. Achieving a balanced and targeted approach to dealing with the poverty and lack of opportunities in many developed and more so developing nations will have a dramatic effect on reducing if not elimination the rise of political friction, resulting in violence and generational suffering and unrest.
Programs to be addressed under this policy include developing comprehensive land use policy for low income and depressed areas. Partnerships between CAREIF and these communities will be deliberately forged to achieve this objective. CAREIF is well aware of the many difficulties involved in such an undertaking. It must be clearly understood that if CAREIF is to make depressed neighborhoods and developing nations attractive products to an investor, whether in Real Estate or other pursuits as well as an attractive alternative to international investors, these issues must be addressed. A minimum of 70% OF THE income or revenue generated from each region as a direct result of this Charity operating in that particular region will be re-invested in those same areas.
 This should help to reduce the capital; human and other, as well as social drain from these communities. Very often charitable organizations target a specific geographic area, with no consideration for the areas from which they derive funding. Obviously any beneficiary of the Ed- Fund must demonstrate the need for the aid, WHICH MEANS IF THERE IS NO NEED; THE FUNDS IN PART OR FULL, WILL BE DEDICATED TO OTHER NEEDY AREAS. It is anticipated that this policy should directly affect and help to mitigate the one way drain of valuable human resources to more developed regions. It is often this type of migration which leaves regions in economic chaos for generations without much hope for a reversal. This is believed to be a contributor to the growth and development of crime and criminal activities. As indicated before reducing these negative social conditions should make these regions and their products more attractive to local and international investors. Which translate directly into investment capital for these regions.
Is a privately run charitable fund with no government influence and or affiliation. The fund is governed by it’s own mandate; aforementioned and has adapted a totally innovative and new policy to ensure that it is democratically run with the aid of its contributing partners and patrons. This new approach will incorporate communities on line to participate via the Internet with the contributing individual or institution within as well as cooperating with the Ed-Fund community having a vote on projects and awards to be offered by the fund. This new strategy of inclusion of partners from all over the planet operating on line, now makes it possible to establish the Fund as a global entity designed to eliminate poverty through education. It is none territorial. Contributors will be asked to contribute, and or donate to the fund;
  • Cash
  • Capital; machinery ; equipment and or
  • Services
These assets will be amalgamated and then redistributed globally, based on the general consensus of the contributors as well as the identified priority needs of the particular region.
This is a very simple process and works like this;
  1. Cash contributed are placed in escrow at very strong international recognized financial institution or Bank. This escrow or trust account is to be governed by specific instructions  from the Ed-fund, to the institution to only release funds based on the general mandate of the Fund as well as consensus or mandate given by the contributors.
  2. Each contributor will be given an access code specific to that contributor. Contributors can be corporate; private; or governmental. Using the code, they will be able to vote on important matters pertaining to the fund.
  3. At end of each calendar year the contributors will electronically vote on projects submitted to the Fund by private agencies, individuals or companies including CAREIF.
  4. The projects must meet the  criteria and objectives of the Ed-fund. These include the development of profitable enterprises which become sustainable in fulfilling the long term needs of the Fund. These profitable enterprises including educational institutions wholly owned or owned in shared equity with other partners; for profit or not, will be used to generate generational income based on productivity as opposed to charitable contributions. The resultant effect is to have a more viable sustainable fund with revenue not necessarily influenced by the state of the contributors financial standing or situation as any particular time in their lives.
  5. The majority vote will  help to decide on where and on how many projects are to be funded in any one year. The on-line community will have the function of an advisory Board, with the final decision being made by the CAREIF Board of directors or future Board of trustees to be appointed.
  6. The fund will register and show the contributions coming in from each territory and or country.
  7. It will display the number of contributors and give a total of all contributions. Not for each person.
  8.  The fund will identify viable projects in each territory; have the contributors to each of these territories decided on a project which will be financed from contributions if it received unanimous approvals.
  9. A percentage of all funding from each territory will be set aside for administration; projected 20% maximum.
  10. 10% minimum will be set aside from each territory for international projects.
  11. All projects international will be voted on by the entire contribution network or community.
  12. The individual countries or regions will be voted on by person making the contributions in these regions.
  13. CAREIF Ed-Fund will decide when and were to provide scholarships using the contributors mandate as a guide supported by a logical explanation as to why a particular project was chosen.…………..
  14. Raffles and contests will be used to increase the awareness of the people or market about CAREIF’s Ed-Fund.
  15. The CAREIF Global Ed-Fund, will partner with local none-political organizations; [NGO's], educational institutions, other private charities, law enforcement agencies and businesses to identify, implement as well as  help in the management and oversight of all projects for that particular region. These organizations must past an ever-evolving stress test before being allowed to partner with the Ed-Fund. No established track record is required.
  16. Volunteers whether registered students or aiming to become students are eligible for our aid and scholarship programs.
  17. Where necessary the Ed-Fund, will develop training and economic empowerment programs for the awardees; recipient’s, care givers, to ensure the maximum positive effect of Fund's relationship and engagement in the process.This is aimed at increasing the success of the program to eliminate poverty and increase productivity in a sustainable way. Helping the family and or care giver, will help other family members to advance beyond their former depraved economic circumstances. Helping the whole family will help to lift all the family members and therefore reducing poverty from the general communities in which the family resides. This is one of our many innovative strategies designed to move the global community towards a more equitable society, without political influence and its associated problems.
  18. Starting in the year 2010; January, the fund will focus on developing income generating products increasing its educational programs and scholarships as the income begins to come on stream.
By contributing to buying real estate for the Generational income generation, needed to sustain scholarships programs.
One Major Project now on the Agenda is for the Fund to acquire equity ownership in CAREIF’s Mega developments globally, starting with its approved; hotel complex and Town Centre to be build in the Tourism Capital of Montego Bay Jamaica; The Fund will aim to acquire  a minimum of 20 Hotel suites which will produce long term revenue for the Ed-Fund. The strategy will result in sustainable income generation. Which simply means annual scholarship commitments and responsibilities of the Fund are not based on  strictly charitable contributions. Where this exist; revenue based solely on annual contributions, as was and still is being now  or recently experienced by charities, because of the economic crisis, many private donors could not afford to make any financial contribution s to charities,. With falling revenue many charities have had to cut their benefits programs. To make sure scholarship recipients are not left holding an empty bag, CAREIF will discount units to the Fund for permanent ownership and therefore income from  and through managed rental programs to tourist, therefore providing revenue long into the future.
In keeping with the spirit of building the nation through education, the  CAREIF  Ed-Fund will operate its scholarship program on the principle that the recipient / recipients will agree to offer their services in advancing mankind from a charitable perspective during the period of benefiting from the scholarships. They will see exemptions if their schedules are so hectic that any additional activities would result in such activities negatively affecting their performances.. The logic in this general policy is that everyone who benefits from the program should realize that they too must not forget their circumstance and remember that there are other children and people who will need a helping hand in structuring their lives for success. By helping to replenish efforts to aid individuals, they too will be making the world a better place for being helped themselves.
CAREIF CANNOT RELY ON PERSONS TO DO THE RIGHT THING IN RELATION TO THE AFOREMENTIONED DESIRES. It is for this reason that the recipient of any CAREIF Ed-Fund scholarship must formalize their give back plan to the future development of another individual in a proposal written and signed. This will be a valid contract to repay the Scholarship through voluntary activities or through a repayment plan.. The Terms of this scholarship are as follows.
All scholarship recipient from the CAREIF Ed-Fund, other organizations, other individuals, contributors or its affiliate;  must agree to the following;
  1. This is a revolving scholarship program. Recipient will satisfy the repayment schedule by performing independent contractual services amounting to a minimum of 40 hours per month, every month for the duration and during the school term. This could be accomplished by giving services at children homes or some other charitable and or community outreach program being done or supported by Fund.
  2. During the summer vacation period Scholarship recipients must contribute labor by working in charitable facilities or on projects being done or supported by Fund; unless the recipient has found gainful employment during this period. This simply means that scholarship recipient must supply to Ed-fund and community out reach program a roster of all activities during the period of tenure of the scholarship,
  3. Scholarship Recipient must accept part time employment with CAREIF Ed-fund and Community out reach Program. Schedule of employment responsibility as well as job description will not and must not conflict with study program.
  4. Recipient must complete successfully the particular area of study to graduation. Any failure in this regard will result in the full amount of the scholarship amount being repaid to the Ed- fund by the recipient. The scholarship amount is automatically converted into a demand loan agreement. Repayment plans will be accepted, and may be done over a reasonable period of time to be agreed to by recipient , now ex-recipient.
  5. Scholarship Recipient who migrate to other regions or jurisdictions or fail to successfully complete the course study must repay the full amount of the scholarship in a budgeted payment plan bases on actual income of the scholarship recipient now ex-recipient. Recipient is allowed to transfer benefits if going to another educational institution approved by the Ed-Fund as being qualified, without facing any penalties.
  To ensure that the operations of the CAREIF Ed-fund; maximizes its true potential,  CAREIF will be  networking with other organizations with similar objectives. I you are one such organization; individual or group, you must become a part of this noble effort. You will help to increase our networking ability, reaching a greater number of persons who really believe we can make a positive difference in humanities growth and development.
 No tax credit certificates for IRS filings in the USA will be offered by the Ed-Fund. This is to ensure absolute independence from undue government involvement and policies which may limit our ability to operate with total freedom. This means any contributions made to the Ed-FUND, THROUGH CAREIF or another affiliate will be taxable by the US government.
Funds contributed will be invested in income generating real estate developments and scholarships during the first 3-5 years of operation. This is not to be confused with or as an investment. All resultant income generated as a direct result of ownership in for profit businesses or part ownership in Income producing property will inure to the benefit of future applicants for scholarships. Patrons are not restricted from the application process, to gain scholarships or financial aid for educational purposes.
If you wish to become a Patron; Volunteers, sponsor, Partnering Non-government organization willing to work to achieve the objectives as outlined in this new way to help develop the planet's greatest resources; man, please  contact



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A privately run charitable fund with no government influence and or affiliation.

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