Friday, June 05, 2020
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Debt Funding Programme

Debt funding partners welcome, CAREIF Real Estate developments always looking for partners and Joint Venture Partners.

Are You an Accredited Investor?

Well if you are; and to make sure, recommends that you check with your local Financial Services Regulator in the area or country in which you live just to make sure. This is important to us HERE for the following  basis reasons:

You should be able to absorb any losses incurred when you make an investment decision, so you won't jump off some bridge for anyone to blame CAREIF that you didn't have the net monetary value and cushion to take a financial risk, a risk associated with all investment.

As an accredited investor you will also be able to take part in any of our private placements which we will be offering from time to time to fund our acquisitions and development of those acquisitions. We manage our risk by not necessarily going to Banks for loans. You should be quite familiar with how banks like to take your real estate damaging you ability to develop and reap the benefits of your investment .

We are very adamant about this one. An investor accredited or not should be smart enough to accept the results of their actions and not blame others for a decision they made. Many investors accredited and others, like to cry foul when an investment is taking longer than it was projected to, knowing well that the principals have little control over the influencing factors. Because of this attitudes these type investors often  get vindictive, forcing viable developments and investments into liquidation causing everyone major losses especially when there is no real need to do so and especially when patience will bring the rewards. Often times these investors have made other monetary decision which force them to have liquidity needs. Their only means in attempting to solve these needs  are to put projects under undue pressure to fail. CAREIF will not fall prey to this unscrupulous investor. Our mission is to protect all involved, not risk all for one. An accredited investor will be in a much better financial position to absorb any tightening financial crisis and knows that trying to prematurely withdraw from a contracted agreement is often times not an option. In short we respect investors for being smart, objective, honest and understanding that we will not risk our investments because they may be having a problem which we did not create.  That is what an investor and all our partners expects from CAREIF as well. Don't think we are being harsh or simply cold and inconsiderate. We must protect all involved and not fall prey to failure for being irresponsible in caving to one or a few investors and or partners. 


CAREIF will accept loans from private lenders to mortgage or fund their real estate developments. These private lender must be accredited by their own declaration. We will not be taking time to invade your private affairs by requesting detailed financial information such  as how much money you may or may not have in a bank or in a safe elsewhere. An accredited investor already knows that they are responsible for making a decision on their status by virtue of their financial standing and the laws governing their areas of domicile. We encourage responsible accredited investors to register with CAREIF. This will give you early exposure to our outstanding opportunities. CAREIF is not at all scared about the positive future of real estate. Economic success doesn't just happen. They are made. CAREIF believes it has some unique strategies to pull the real estate sector out of its free falling crisis.

Accredited investors ; Private individuals or institutional investors in real estate should take a serious look at CAREIF's approach to the market. As a lender your are more protected buying into real estate, funding real estate or financing third parties who buy our real estate. That's right, you can fund other parties who may be buying a real estate product from CAREIF. You may just surprise yourself by the income derived as opposed to having money sitting idle in a bank making the bankers wealthy while  they continue paying you insignificant returns which often times don't even keep up with the service charges they levy on your banking transactions and account activities.

Register with CAREIF as a lender for individuals and investors buying or needing funding for their real estate acquisitions.


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