Friday, June 05, 2020
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Join Venture Programme

CAREIF’s JOINT VENTURE PROGRAMME was deliberately designed to act as a catalyst between individuals holding separate parts of the formula for a successful real estate development project. There are three basic components to the formula:

  1. The property owner who often times does not have the capital, knowledge base or experience in the area of real estate developments.
  2. The individual who could be an actual person or institution possessing the liquidity in terms of capital or machinery to facilitate bringing the technical services enabling the development to go from concept to submission.
  3. The developer, who conceives and who brings both parties in a synergy of equitable and agreed to terms under contract. The ultimate purpose is to make these components work smoothly to execute cost effective developments without adding extreme risk to the process by seeking funding through inflexible financial institutions such as Mortgage Bank. This relationship reduces if not eliminates the traditional risk associated from mortgages.

The Joint Venture Programme aims to take advantage of the Caribbean market whereby under a contractual agreement the company can join with individuals and other companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships for the development of real estate. Therefore we invite and welcome individuals and other companies who have properties and are desirous of developing these assets into income producing sources with our help to contact us.

Joint Venture Requirements List

  1. Sale Agreement (if applicable)
  2. Original Certificate of Title
  3. Valuation Report on property
  4. Validation of Identity (Passport, Driver's License, National ID)
  5. Commisioned Land Surveyor's Identification Report
  6. Up-to-date Property Tax Certificate
  7. Documentation of Lien on the Property
  8. Letter of good standing (where applicable)
  9. Permission letter from titled owner authorizing CAREIF Ltd.

Careif Developments

Feel free to browse our list of developments, including our premier development Phenion on the Ridge.

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