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Services Offered

Our unique and vital services to the Real Estate Industry include:

  • Joint Venture & Development Programmes:
    We offer limited ownership through equity participation in specific projects. Own local Real Estate with high returns by becoming our partners in developments; profits are extremely attractive or take the developed property instead. Therefore, investment can be converted to actual ownership of unit or units depending on participation.
  • Real Estate Consulting Services Programme:
    Whether buying, selling, investing or trying to solve real estate issues, we can help. If you so desire not to use the services of a Real Estate Agent we will guide you through the necessary steps to complete the transaction.
  • Property Listing Services:
    We list properties for sale on our Website. This will allow you to have the exposure we offer through our members, whom we will be encouraging to invest, in real estate as a viable means to building real time wealth.
  • Professional listing services:
    We list professional services that are industry related (real estate); these include but are not limited to Attorneys, Appraisers, Title Companies, Home Inspectors, Cleaning Services, Home Insurance Companies, Surveyors and Architects. Your services will be listed on our Website. In house professionals should see the benefit here especially when looking at the fact that we have clients that will need one or more of these services at sometime.
  • Contractor listing services:
    Licensed Contractors with the Contractor General’s Department who pass our quality control specifications are given the opportunity to list their services on our Website.
  • Property Management Services :
    We can assist Members who have properties and need professional management services.
  • Credit Repair and Counseling :
    Through our unique strategies we will repair and rebuild credit faster than most people or other companies could or can.
  • Portfolio Development Management Programme :
    We employ strategic acquisition in real estate. We will show clients simple and safe methods to build a successful real estate portfolio. We develop and manage diversified real estate portfolios for our members that will generate sustained wealth for life. The Real Estate Investment Club has several strategies designed for our clients’ successful development of a real estate portfolio. We tailor make all strategies to our clients needs, our products are as varied as our clients.

    This programme will see members

    • Acquiring properties for residential purposes
    • Acquiring properties for commercial purposes
    • Equity/Ownership in Joint Venture Partnership with CAREIF/RIC
    • Buying and selling properties in the short term for profits
    • Development of existing properties for Sale/Rental Income
    • Using existing Real Estate assets to generate income

  • Foreclosure Prevention & Protection Programmes :
    Prevention - we develop strategies for properties in foreclosure. We help persons who are losing their property or properties from or through foreclosure. This is a process that financial institutions such as banks use to seize and sell real property in order to recover moneys loaned against that property. Regardless of the stage of foreclosure we will attempt to save the property. The earlier the client deals with the problem the easier it becomes for us to solve. Hence, the further the foreclosure process the more it will cost the client.

    And so, persons who are in distress and are facing foreclosure can access our services. We can help them to save their properties while still earning an income. Helping could mean employing several different strategies however; an authorization agreement must be signed. This protects in two ways:

    1. It will show that the homeowner consciously decides to work with us by utilizing our services.
    2. Allows us to communicate directly with the bank or banks.
    A standard profile form will be used to collect data relevant to our efforts to save the property or any other path we might take in relation to the foreclosure. Fees will vary from one circumstance to the other and can only be determined after initial interview of client and logistics and data looked at carefully.

    Protection – we assist persons experiencing difficulties in making their mortgage payments. We will analyze the financial situation of the clients and make determinations as to the solutions. Our strategies will ensure that Clients can pay their mortgages on time.

  • Special Investment Packages/Mortgage Programme :
    Buying and selling of homes by CAREIF to the general public. Homes will be built both locally and internationally. For persons wanting to live abroad, CAREIF will be building several homes on the Florida market this coming year. This programme is suited for persons who do not have a lot of money but would like to make higher than average returns.
  • Construction Trustees :
    Many returning residents have been cheated by locals builders and even relatives whom they have trusted with the task of construction. Pre-assessment as well as the general programme will save them thousands of dollars and the aggravation of losing hundreds of thousands of hard earned cash. Under this programme we monitor and review construction jobs between home owners and constructors making sure that the contract is completed as contracted allowing contractor payment. Upon the satisfaction of the contract we will release the funds to the contractor from a special escrow account established at a local bank. If the job is not satisfactorily completed then the contractor is given notice and to complete. If notice is ignored then the Company will instruct the homeowner to have someone else complete the contract, upon which the new contractor will be paid from the reserved funds once the contract is properly completed.
  • CAREIF Ltd allows partners/clients :
    • To choose multiple investment options – selecting where and how much of their investment dollar will be focused on a particular product and or development.
    • A preferred position, whether as an equity or debt partner. Therefore, investors are paid first and foremost in the event of liquidation or refinancing. This is a very strong position in helping to greatly reduce the risk to the investors. When profits are declared investors must be paid first. In most investor relationship the investor is paid dividend rather than straight profit. In many cases the board /organization may simply state that they will not be paying any dividends and profits will be reinvested. That will not happen at CAREIF Ltd. Once the investor receives his profit, it is solely his decision to reinvest or not.
    • To liquidate their interests from the point of entry, for any amount they can secure from the market. This exit strategy will reduce the investor’s risk, especially if the investor wishes to leave the partnership before the projected declaration of profits. There is no restriction on resale of investor’s interest. The only request and this is stipulated by the Operating Agreement, is that other existing investors of the investing pool are given first right of refusal. If they fail to act then the liquidating investor has the right to sell on the open market. Conditions apply in direct relation to the past record of the proposed buyer.
    Sales Representatives and Associates have the unique ability to earn unlimited income through our liberalized commission system where they earn as much as 2% - 25% from CAREIF’s various and varied product lines. Sales Representatives can
    • Earn from referrals
    • Operate from any place on the planet – land, air, sea
    • Gain Financial independence and economic freedom
    • Bonuses
    • Vacations
    • Profit sharing
    • Build personal real estate investment portfolio

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