Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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CAREIF's Joint Venture Equity Programme; just a fancy term for joint and fractional ownership in real estate and real estate developments and deals strictly in funding agents or sources providing funding for part ownership in developments and/or acquisitions. These owners have the option of transferring titles or deeds to themselves if they so desire. Or they may decide to resell their real estate (owned property) without tranferring. All our Joint Venture Equity Agreements give percentage ownership in real estate bought and/or developed by the funding sources and CAREIF. The Joint Venture Equity Department at the Caribbean Real Estate Investment Fund (CAREIF) is designed to offer persons a unique opportunity to become part owners or Joint Venture equity partners in developments done by the company. This is done in a protected environment due to a legally binding contract. Partners will therefore share in the profit from our developments such as our state of the art our state of the art Phenion On The Ridge Hotel Resort and Spa, Sunset Town Centre in Montego Bay, and Phenion Preserves in Clarendon


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