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The Essay Competition is geared towards increasing the awareness of our young people to our products and services, whilst encouraging freedom of expression of thought. The competition has three (3) entry levels : primary, secondary and tertiary - and will categorize entrants according to level.


  1. Each entrant must supply ONLY ONE (1) essay.
  2. Registration for the contest must be done online. Close out date for registration is January 23, 2008.
    Click here now to register for the competition.
  3. Essays MUST be converted to PDF and uploaded online using the provided facility.
  4. Essay submission ends on February 15 , 2008.
  5. Public viewing and voting will be allowed for each contestant's entry. The voting period ends May 31, 2008.
  6. Results will be displayed online - for each category in each county - on July 31, 2008.


Theme: Buy Back Jamaica

Entry Level Topic
Primary Is it an advantage or disadvantage for Jamaicans to buy up and own their beaches? (Include advantages and disadvantages)
Secondary Most major investments in the tourist sector, specifically hotels, are being carried out by foreign interests and investors. What are some of the economic fallouts that could result from these investments as oposed to these investments being undertaken by Jamaicans?
Tertiary JAMAICA has in recent times seen an influx of foreign investors acquiring large tracts of beachfront properties for mostly hotel developments. Do a comparative analysis of the effects of this acquisition in relation to the per capita income of the Jamaican population, while comparing your conclusion with the competitive advantage and/or disadvantage of Jamaica promoting a foreign investor based economy.


Proprietary rights to ALL essays and/or any other written document (including audio/video) submitted under this competition will belong exclusively to the organizer RIC/CAREIF.

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