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Our developments are designed to give protected opportunities for our clients who take advantage of the programs. CAREIF will pay out millions of dollars to its partners when capital events take place. Our developments offer actual ownership in the developments.

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Phenion On The Ridge Resort, Hotel & Spa
Phenion On The Ridge Resort, Hotel and Spa will be located in Montego Bay. It will be situated on a portion of land approximately eleven acres.

It will be an ultra modern hotel condominium that will house over 197 units varying in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms; 1,200-3,600 sq feet respectively, will be sold and therefore owned by private individuals, not management.

Phenion on the Ridge Hotel Condo and Spa will feature a lushly landscaped central court yard with Olympic size Pool & bridges linking Spa, gymnasium, lobby and restaurant, roof top gallery and garden offering panoramic views of Montego Bay. It will be a gated pedestrian friendly development within walking distance from beaches, shops and or recreational facilities. 1% Joint Venture Equity is being offered for US$300,000, with a guarantee buy back of $380,000 in a when the development goes to open market.

The 1% Joint Venture Equity can be converted to an actual 1200 Sq ft. unit or holders can take the profit from the sale of the unit which from market research is expected to be US$520,000.

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Phenion Preserves
Phenion Preserves will is a master planned gated residential supported by a commercial town center community with amenities traditionally reserved and built in a resort settings. The development will sit on approximately 300 acres of relatively flat well drained land in the four Path area of Clarendon, which will be separated into 240 acres of residential and 60 acres commercial complexes.

The Phenion Preserves will consist of a harmonious blend of Affordable architecturally distinct homes mixed with affluent estate single family residences, high-end private condominiums, tastefully designed town home, and Upscale Apartments catering to the rental market, Day-Care/Kindergarten/Basic School, Sports club, Multiple Green areas separate from the park 25 acre Savanna-like Parks with a multitude of water features.

Joint Venture Equity is being offered in the development which guarantee the individuals ownership in the development. From our computation the Joint Venture partner will have unlimited income from the rental of their percentage ownership. They have the right to also sell their percentage ownership. and limited number of RIC members gets to reserve a unit no deposit down. Civil Servants get a 50% discount.

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Phenion at Cotton Bay

Phenion at Cotton Bay is a proposed 240 acre development with two large shelters bays lined with white sand beaches. There will be several distinct designs which will be employed in the buildings. These will include Jamaican Vernacular; Mediterranean, Italian as well as distinctly Jamaican cinder block and frame. This will create both a contemporary as well historic reference and ambiance for both local and visitors alike. It is believed that there will be a wide appeal for the development since it will cater to a wide Varity of persons and their varied taste.

This product will cater to a large sector of the island culture as well as the tourist sector that remains in terms of water sporting activities, vastly neglected. This is an area largely under developed even though Jamaica is completely surrounded with spectacular coast lines and beautiful sheltered bays. This sector of the islands economy will be a main focus of this development The property will be developed with a mixed use residential commercial combination and concept. The development will also host hotels and tourism facilities.

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Sunset Town Centre
The Sunset Town Centre will be a commercial development proposed for the Hip Strip of Montego Bay on approximately six point five acres Below the Phenion on the Ridge Hotel Condo Resort and Spa.

The development will feature offices such as; Banks, Pharmacies, Nurseries and other businesses to take advantage of this much needed facility units will range in size from 617.9 sq. ft. up to 3,077 sq ft.

The Sunset Town Centre will be a pedestrian friendly upscale development, with open Court yards, basement and ground surface parking, a four screen cinema/theatre accommodating over six hundred (600) patrons, these will all be accommodated in a three (3) complex seven storey office buildings and apartment/commercial with pipe music, lined walkways well landscaped with the definite aim of creating an esthetically pleasant environment.

1% Joint Venture Equity is also being offered for US $336,000 which can be converted to an actual 1200 Sq. Ft. shop unit or the profit from sale of the unit.

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Sunset At Lincoln
Sunset At Lincoln will be a gated Town House residential community in the cool hills of Manchester. The development will feature two and three bedroom multi- family exquisite Town Homes, a common ground with a conference area for professionals who want to work from the closest point to home, day care centre to facilitate parents work schedules, visitors parking, home owners parking, security booth which will be providing twenty-four hour security, and beautifully landscaped grounds which will include a play ground. The drive in area will have palms draping both sides with paved access ways, double lane roadways and water features.

Equity is being offer in this development for $15,000,000 and $18,000,000 which individuals can convert to a 2 and 3 bedroom respectively or take the profits from the sale of the actual units.

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De' Jag Mariposa
De’Jag Mariposa Town Home development located in Upper Shortwood, St. Andrew, will house five spacious luxury units offering all the conveniences of modern amenities and living. Its location is ideal for both commuting to work and shopping. In a very safe older neighborhood now undergoing a modern renaissance with the addition of this well appointed distinct development, De’Jag Mariposa will become a definite asset to the older residents as well as all future developments and families moving to this upwardly climbing neighborhood.

The lushly landscaped complex brings to urban development the reality of converting older structure into ultra modern-living luxury homes ideal for both the retiree as well as the busy professional. The complex offers private garaged parking with an adequate supply of guest parking. The restrictive covenants as well as the gated security will ensure that the investment made by these home owners will bring them long term rewards and satisfaction from the economic appreciation perspective as well as the quality of life most of us desire. Driving home from work and shopping will bring about a relaxed mind set as De’Jag Mariposa is destined to be a favorite destination point for all who live and visit.

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Pleasant View
This will be a resort type development, with a breath taking view of the ocean.

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Water Wheel
Tourism product; catering to the local market with less emphasis on the international market. The product will offer eateries, vacation villas as well as affordable housing for the local residents. Water front will offer water sport facilities including boating.

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