Thursday January 23, 2020    

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Inside Real Estate is on the hunt for a talented Communications Officer with talent for talk radio. Must have:

»   Excellent communication skills
»   Excellent command of the English language and Jamaican patois
»   Be self-motivated and energized
»   Likes the area of Talk Show Host
»   Ambitious and a 'go-getter'
»   Skillful in interviews and must be articulate
»   Innovative
»   Must be able to travel
»   Organizational skills
»   Able to follow and implement instructions and or policy. Understanding the customer comes first and is always right concept.
»   Graphic skills a big plus
»   Experience is preferred, but not necessary, must be a fast understudy

The company is also inviting applications for the following job opportunities:

»   Financial Security Dealers
»   Real Estate Brokers/Dealers (from Jamaica, U.S.A., U.K., Canada and Asia)
»   Professional Sales Persons (with over 5 years experience)

Please send all emails to

CAREIF offers several unique income generating opportunities for people who are pleasantly aggressive about generating as much income as is possible. These opportunities involve sales of our product where the individual can be an independent contractor setting their own hours from 1-24. CAREIF has openings for contractors, engineers, surveyors and is constantly looking for the brightest minds with the creativity to spot real and viable opportunities in the real estate market and who have the ability to learn new and innovative facts and strategies about the market in which CAREIF OPERATES. These individuals can send or e-mail their particulars and resume so we can review on an on going basis. CAREIF even have opportunities for retired individuals or individuals with a philanthropic nature to work with our team in being good corporate citizens. They would work on a voluntary basis with our community out reach and educational programs. CAREIF dedicates permanent paid staff to this effort. Simply put this is one way individuals can demonstrate to CAREIF limited THAT THEY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GROW WITH ONE OF THE FASTES EMERGING companies in Jamaica and the region as a whole.

Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Give us a call at
4651 Babcock St NE
Unit 18-312
Palm Bay, FL 32905

Half Moon P.O.
Montego Bay,
St. James , Jamaica W.I.
USA : 561.839.9766
Jamaica: 876.409.5820

Or email us at

Click here for more contact information.
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