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CAREIFíS and by extension the Real Estate Investment Club, are amongst the committed groups, and organizations dedicated to defending the absolute right of private persons to have an avenue to express themselves. Very often Democracy and personal freedoms are cast under the proverbial rug of bureaucracy by mass media simply because their profit margins will not allow them to give free access to people having an open forum to express themselves. CAREIFís Blog, with an emphasis on economic freedom and empowerment IS COMMITED TO DOING JUST THAT. There was a time when media was dedicated to serving as the conscience and voice of the people. Not again. Hence the reason for the emergence of Bloggers all over the world utilizing the Internet to reach the world over. This is important since people all over the world can now collectively challenge the infringement on our freedoms form Politicians who believe they must like many of their abusive predecessors made decisions that critically hurt the very society and people they should represent. Itís because people collectively challenged these decisions that we now again have certain freedoms, including expressing ourselves. Remember not all laws are just. Thatís nothing New and so we must remain vigilant in challenging them where the come to life because of bad decisions by our leaders. The egotistical law make will never accept that they have made a bad ruling. Instead they generally continue to implement their ill founded decisions against the will of the people they represent. This we must fight at all cost. Ignoring the actions of such decision makers will lead to further erosions of all our freedoms.

You the reader have a responsibility to let the world know how you feel about public and or private policy which will impact the lives of persons, inclusive of yourself, especially when it comes to economic freedoms and the pursuits of those freedoms. Take time to register, respect the rules and freely contribute to the advancement of our people and mankind in the process by making your opinion available for other to see.

Society, the Law Makers and the Judiciary are all influenced by the weight of public opinion before making a decision or ruling. It is the arena of public opinion that this Blog serves to provide, creating an avenue for all our people to let law makers and those given the responsibility to interpret laws know how we feel about their decisions that will impact the people they represent. Its the recognition of Public objection and sentiment that has allowed many Law makers and Judges to correct bad decisions that would not have allow our people to now enjoy freedoms that are by all right given by God. Its these many freedoms that were once denied by those who believe they had the right to force people to act in a manner which denied them their natural right to freely decide on their destiny of choice. The world is still filled with men and law makers who continue to destroy freedoms because of their selfish thoughts of how people should live so long as it serves their own addenda.

This forum is not interested in professorial articulation in grammar or formalizes articulation. CAREIF IS INTERESTED IN GIVING PEOPLE, all people, A SIMPLE PLACE TO EXPRESS THEIR OWN FEELINGS THOUGHTS AND THEIR conclusions based on their own experience. CAREIF LTD knows that this is the only way to protect our cherished freedoms; hard won in many cases by the suffering and sacrifice of our ancestors.

CAREIF is interested in the creative expression of our local, national, regional and international peoples opinions; the individual, in relations to the economy, government policies, and social policy which will affect our lives in general. Remember the world is not a large as it use to be. What happens in China will affect the lives of people in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the world. CAREIF urges you to become a valued citizen of our global community by making a valued contribution which will help to protect freedoms all over the universe.

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